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  • 2020 Happy Birthday to Shakyamuni Buddha! The GCBP Temple invites the kind and faithful to light a lamp before Buddha's statue

2020 Happy Birthday to Shakyamuni Buddha! The GCBP Temple invites the kind and faithful to light a lamp before Buddha's statue

Happy Birthday to Shakyamuni Buddha! The GCBP Temple invites the kind and faithful to light a lamp before Buddha's statue

Happy Birthday to Shakyamuni Buddha! The Great Compassion Bodhi Prajna Temple invites the kind and faithful to light a lamp before Buddha's statue, to show gratitude for His favour. 

April 8 of the Lunar calendar (April 30th, 2020) is a special festival for Buddhists worldwide, in commemoration of the birth of the great sage, Shakyamuni Buddha.

[ Verse of Bathing Buddha ]
As I now bathe all Tathagatas
Pure wisdom as adornment and with the accumulation of merit and virtue
May sentient beings in the world of Five Turbidities leave behind defilements
And aspire to realize the pure Dharma-body of the Tathagata.

According to Buddhist scriptures, Buddha was born in the 5th century BCE. When he was born from the armpit of his mother, Queen Maya, he walked seven steps in a circle, and a lotus blossomed to mark each of his steps. He pointed one finger at the sky, and one at the ground, and said: "In this whole world, there is only me."

Because everything in heaven and on earth was deeply moved by the Buddha's birth, the earth shook and everyone celebrated. Fragrant flowers fell from the heavens, and nine dragons bathed the Prince in perfume. These phenomena demonstrated the Buddha's great merit.

From extreme asceticism to the Middle Path, Buddha discovered the sources of life's suffering. He taught others to understand the sources of life's sufferings. The root cause of suffering is ignorance, which arises from greed, anger, ignorance, pride, and doubt.  Throughout his life, Buddha sought the path; under the Bodhi Tree, He gained enlightenment and came to thoroughly understand the true nature of the universe and this world. He only spent 80 years in the world among humans, skillfully taught the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

The Buddha attained Nirvana more than 2500 years ago. Even though his physical form has left this world, he continues to be our greatest spiritual teacher. Not only does his Dharma provide solace to humankind; it also guides many other sentient beings along their pathways to liberation, while freeing them from the painful cycle of birth and death.

Buddha was born on earth, and he attained Buddhahood in this world. Throughout his life, he followed his own teachings and accurately explained the suffering of the cycle of birth and death. He delivered lectures and left countless teachings behind when he passed into Nirvana. Buddha taught everyone, regardless of their background, the principle of elimination of suffering and the true cause for ultimately relieving suffering and obtaining happiness. 

On Buddha's birthday, we should be sincerely offering our body, speech, and mind and ensure that our minds are free of impurities. We ought to make offerings to the Three Treasures, the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha, having precepts as incense, forbearance as water, diligence as strength, wisdom as mirror, and compassion as medicine.  With the Buddha's wisdom and radiance, loving-kindness, and compassion, we cleanse our bodies and minds, turn our worries into happiness, and feel comfortable and refreshed.  

The Sutra on the Merit of Bathing [the Buddha]:

If someone is able to make offerings to the Buddha, they will attain the fifteen extraordinary virtues.  If one can also make a lamp offering to the Buddha on this day, it is even more precious. 

1. They will often behave modestly  
2. They will demonstrate a heart of pure faith  
3. Their heart will be righteous  
4. They will become close with virtuous friends  
5. They will maintain their wisdom and understanding of the Dharma  
6. They will always perceive the various Buddhas  
7. They will always uphold the true Dharma
8. Their speech and actions will be in accordance with Buddhist teachings
9. According to their own wishes, they may gain birth in Buddha's Pure Land
10. They will be born into honourable families in the human realm, be respected by others, and be happy.
11. Being born in the human realm, they will naturally recite Buddha's name
12. An army of the various maras will not cause them harm or anger
13. They will be able to protect the true Dharma during the Dharma ending age
14. They will have the protection of the various Buddhas of the ten directions
15. They will quickly be able to attain the five characteristics of the Dharma Body.

This year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Great Compassion Bodhi Prajna Temple, in compliance with government regulations, is unable to open the temple to the public for the Buddha's Birthday and Bathing celebration, as we have done in previous years. This includes circling the pagoda, ceremonies for the Buddha, the bathing of the Buddha, etc.

On this most solemn day, devout Buddhists will concentrate, develop thoughts free from defilement, and recall the compassion of the Three Treasures, while in the tranquility of their homes. Buddhists may also serve by supporting their temple, lighting a lamp, praying for blessings, and practicing self-cultivation to achieve karmic rewards.

Light a lamp in front of Buddha and pray for blessings, thereby removing the filth of greed, anger, and ignorance. Allow your body, speech, and mind to remain pure and free of defilements, and your family will experience safety and good fortune, according to your wishes.

We wish to offer a meritorious lamp on Buddha's birthday, to pray for everyone's health, the joy and good fortune of every family, and the safety and peace of the entire world!

The temple's lamp lighting procedure is as follows: If you desire to offer a lamp, please fill out the form below. Donations will be accepted via E-transfer, using the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Great Compassion Bodhi Prajna Temple is truly heartened by your kind support!

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