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Meditation Training

GCBP Temple Meditation Trainings

The Great Compassion Bodhi Prajna Temple offers three meditation and mindfulness trainings:

1. Free Meditation Workshops

The free meditation workshops are held to the public or corporations irregularly throughout the year. The workshop aims to introduce meditation to anyone who is interested in learning meditation. The goal is to allow meditation accessible to anyone. The time, location, and information on the free meditation introduction workshops will be posted on website and sent out to our mailing list. Corporations or organizations can also request meditation introduction workshops.

2. Entry level Meditation Course

For those who like to learn more about meditation and are willing to commit to scheduled weekly meditation practices, we are offering an entry level meditation course, which consists of eight class sessions over eight weeks. The focus of the course is on the core technique and principle of meditation - to be aware of our body, our breathing, and the moment. The students will also learn techniques on body relaxation, the motivation aspect of meditation, and the basic meditation knowledge and skills.

3. Intermediate Meditation Courses

Three intermediate meditation courses are offered: 

  • Intermediate Meditation Course I:  Six Senses Meditation (Level I)
  • Intermediate Meditation Course II: Placement Meditation (Level II)
  • Intermediate Meditation Course III: Silent Meditation (Level III) 

For those who like to learn more than the basics of meditation, we are offering three intermediate meditation courses, for level I, II, and III respectively. The intermediate meditation course I focuses on meditation with our six senses: vision, hearing, smell, sensation, and mind. The intermediate meditation course II focuses on placement meditation. The intermediate meditation course III focuses on silent meditation. Each course consists of eight sessions. Each session is 1.5 hours, and there is one session per week over 8 weeks.  

All courses include instructor-guided meditation practices, hands-on techniques, and discussions. The students will also learn integration of mindfulness practices into daily life. The intermediate meditation training courses will strengthen students’ meditation techniques and provides a solid foundation for continued meditation practices in their daily life. We encourage our students to commit to attend all classes after registration to receive the complete training and benefit.

The courses will take place in July. The suggested donation is $300 dollars for each course. Limited to 10 students for each course.

4. Advanced Private Meditation Lesson

For those who have completed the intermediate meditation courses or prefer to have a private lesson for 1-on-1 instructions, we also offer an advanced private Zen Meditation lesson. The lesson primarily focuses on advanced Zen placement meditation techniques. It can be extended or customized toward the need of the student. Focus on personal coaching, assess student’s personal experiences, and review individual development progress. The meeting time is to be arranged between the student and our instructor.  

Our courses and lessons cover not only the theory but most importantly hands-on practice. All the courses and lessons are provided by our qualified instructors with over 25 years of meditation experience.

For each student registered in the intermediate courses or advanced meditation private lessons, we will hold a private interview to understand any specific needs and goals. At the end of each course or private lesson, there will also be a review session to review the student’s achievements and areas for further work.


Types of Donation

For group intermediate meditation training : CAD $300 per course of 8 sessions (1.5 hours for each session)

For private training one by one is CAD $300 for 3 private training lessons (1.5 hours for each lesson)

We can issue charity donation receipt for all donations toward our meditation courses and lessons. Your donation will support the continuing operation of temple and its programs to benefit more people who seek for inner peace and overall health (body and mind) like you.


Our Instructor

Master Miao Jing


How to Register

For registration or inquiries, please contact us at

Cell: (416) 893 8366

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.