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In June 2020, Ven. Miao Jing began to teach the Dharma online and on social media. The teachings have then been translated from English into other languages. To enable people around the world with different language backgrounds to learn Buddha-dharma and its stepwise practice in a systematic and comprehensive way, we started the “Dharma Talk Series”. With the great compassion of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Ven. Miao Jing began to directly teach in English.

The GCBP Temple began a series of Dharma teachings online and on social media platforms.

We have Dharma talk for different categories of teachings, which can unfold wisdom and guide you the path to liberation according to Buddha’s teachings.
Guan Yin Story

The original name of Guanyin is Guanshiyin, which is a Sanskrit transliteration and also translated as “Guanyin free”.

The “Great Compassionate Heart Dharani Sutra” records that Guanyin Bodhisattva is a disciple of “The King of Thousand Lights Stays in Tathagata”. The Lotus Sutra records that Guanyin Bodhisattva is a bodhisattva with great compassion and “response to every kind”, and saves all people, regardless of whether they are good or bad. All living beings in distress only need to recite the name of Guanyin.

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Buddha Story

Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha was the founder of Buddhism and the fundamental teacher of all Buddhist disciples. The Buddha’s surname was Gautama and Siddhartha. According to Buddhist scriptures, when Shakyamuni was 29 years old, he felt the suffering of life, old age, sickness, and death in the world, and abandoned the noble family to live as a royal family and became a monk. At the age of 35, he enlightened and became a Buddha under the Bodhi tree, and then taught the Dharma in India for 49 years. At the age of 80, he passed away and entered Nirvana in the city of Kushinagar.

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Bodhisattva Story

Bodhisattva, this is also a transliteration of Sanskrit. Bodhi means early enlightenment, Sattva means sentient being, and Bodhisattva means an enlightened sentiment being. Sattva is an awakened sentient, and can also realize the pain of all sentient beings, sympathize with the pain of all sentient beings, and then relieve the pain of all sentient beings. Bodhisattvas are the indispensable process before all beings become Buddhas. To become Buddhas, all living beings must first make great aspirations. The most important are four, which are called the four grand vows: “All living beings have boundless vows, endless troubles, and endless vows. To learn, the supreme vow of Buddhism and Taoism is fulfilled. “

We are most familiar with the four great bodhisattvas – Great Compassion Guanyin Bodhisattva, Great Wisdom Manjushri, Great Conduct Samantabhadra and Great Vow Earth Store Bodhisattva.


Buddhist Philosophy

“Flower Adornment Sutra” says that “everything is a manifestation of the mind.” Everything in the world is realized by the mind.

Mind is the ruler of all things. If the heart is pure, the country is pure; if the heart is polluted, the body and mind cannot be purified, and it will be polluted with it. Therefore, the practice must start with the fundamental consciousness.

How to “purify the mind” must first know our minds? What are the six senses and seven senses? What is Alaya Consciousness? What are the eight senses?

Buddhist Mantra

While there are innumerable benefits of om mani padme hum, Buddhist tradition tells us there are 15 primary reasons to use this mantra. The major 15 benefits of reciting Om Mani Padme Hum are:

  1. In every life, you will meet with virtuous kings, or spiritual leaders, which will provide the opportunity to practice Dharma.
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Meditation & Mindfulness

More than two thousand years ago, the Buddha was under the Bodhi tree and enlightened to Buddhahood in seven-branch sitting meditation.

What is meditation? Why meditate? What are the ways to practice meditation? What kind of motivation and motivation should we have?

In the complex and chaotic social life of modern society, each of us needs the power of meditation to settle the volatile body and mind. Since the twentieth century, the huge wave of civilization has swept across the world, stimulating people’s desire for enjoyment. People are constantly struggling to make a living. Chasing and competition make people gradually fall into the emptiness and loss of their hearts. Meditation is really the best medicine. Let us learn to be grateful and focus on each moment, and to reflect on our own minds to bring up the inherent Buddha nature.

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