Our Story

Post COVID-19 Youth Mindfulness Centre

Our Objectives

Assist youth to discover inner peace and compassion and improve their mental well-being through our mindfulness programs


Based on the latest statistics published by the WHO, it is estimated that 1 in 7 youths, approximately 14% of 10-19 year-olds, experience mental health conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an enormous mental impact on many people. The impact is even more severe among youths. More and more youths and children are addicted to video games, experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms, and losing their interpersonal skills. As a result, our ways of life have been permanently affected and may not be easily restored.

Our meditation centre is set within a tranquil forest north of Toronto. Since 2013, we have offered weekly meditation sessions and summer meditation camps to over two hundred youths aged between 8 to 16. Some of the children and youths are with special needs such as autism, depression, and ADHD.


We plan to launch the 2022 “Post COVID-19 Pandemic Youth Mindfulness Program” to assist children and youths in restoring their emotional stability and discovering inner wisdom and peace through various meditation practices. This program is open to all participants regardless of their religious or cultural backgrounds.

Who we serve

  • Youths who are interested in self discovery and raising awareness through practicing meditation.
  • Youths who feel isolated or stressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine and restrictions.
  • Youths with emotional instability and mental health disorders, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Types of meditation

Our programs are based on many different types of meditation skills and techniques which target different types of youth/child mental or emotional instability issues. The meditation knowledge and skills are the ancient wisdom accumulated over thousands of years to heal the human body and emotions. The different types of meditation skills can be combined or applied individually to focus on particular groups of youth to fit their needs and problems.

For instance, breathing meditation assists youths in their depression and anxiety. Walking meditation is aimed at youths with ADHD to help with their anxiety and emotional instability. Visualization meditation has many benefits including, but not limited to, reducing video game addiction. Sitting meditation benefits youths by calming and restoring their bodies’ energy and emotional stability. Mantra meditation uses sound meditation combined with visualization approaches to balance their bodies’ energy and calm their minds. By meditating in the forest, Mother Nature’s energy provides its own healing powers. Through changing and combining different meditation practices, youths can improve their physical and mental health and balance. These practices also enhance brain development in youths.

Practice awareness in our forest temple

Awakening the inner peace and joy by meditation

Practice awareness in Mother Nature

Being filled with delight in the harmony of human and nature

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Discover our 2022 Youth Mindfulness Retreat Centre

Our youth mindfulness program focuses on various youth mindfulness training and meditation teachings, both online and in-person, including meditating in the forest and the cabins to immerse in Mother Nature
Our Founder

The Youth Mindfulness Centre is guided and launched by our founder Ven. Master Miao Jing. She is a female spiritual leader who has practiced meditation since her youth. She immigrated to Canada in the late 80’s from Taiwan with her family. She has been delivering meditation training to assist immigrant minority women and families, as well as promoting multiculturalism for over 20 years. Her focus has been on mindfulness and awakening of inner peace education. She began youth meditation programs 25 years ago in Asia and 9 years ago in Ontario. She aims to begin this new project and build some meditation cabins in Ontario to serve more youth across Canada and North America.

Our Vision

In our vision, we aim to promote self-healing, mind-calming and spiritual advancement in youth through our professional guided meditation practices in an ideal natural setting. Our founder Ven. Abbess Master Miao Jing will apply over 20 years of meditation experience, skills and wisdom to help achieve this vision.

How Do We Proceed

The post COVID-19 Pandemic Youth Mindfulness Program will assist Canadian children and youths to restore their emotional stability and discover inner wisdom and peace through meditation practices. We aim to fundraise $100,000 to run this ongoing weekly program and to build three mini outdoor wooden cabins/facilities to act as classrooms for small-group learning.

What we do

During our programs, we get to know each individual participant, observe them and their progress, and guide them through the process. Through our innovatively designed activities, we can observe the unique personalities of each participant and understand their specific challenges. We arrange different types and levels of meditation training to address their particular needs.

The activities will take place in the natural setting of a forest.  This allows youths who may be addicted to computers, tablets, and cellphones, a chance to be away from electronics and experience mother nature’s healing power. 

Our instructors are experienced and trained in this field of child and youth education. They provide guided teachings and organize workshops to help develop the participant’s inner strength, enhance their awareness, become more mindful and discover their true self.

The programs aim to enhance the participants’ mental strength, develop their mental skills such as maintaining emotional stability and improve concentration, and modify their behaviors, all of which can be applied to their daily lives and help them handle their challenges.

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