H.H. Karmapa Speech at Blessing Ceremony

H.H. Karmapa Speech at Blessing Ceremony


The two Dharma Masters, lamas from various centers, and everyone present, Amitabha:

Today is my first time in Canada. Despite the relatively short time, I am happy to be here.  I cherish the time that even though it is only a brief ment, it has extraordinary significance.  So today being here at this center, I see that it is more beautiful than what I saw on the pictures.  I believe the pictures only showed me parts of the center.  I feel this place is relatively quiet and peaceful.

And I believe everyone knows that the two Masters have Mahayana Buddhism background. Now they are learning (Tibetan Buddhism). Although all Buddhism branches have one common source, sometimes the followers of different Buddhadharma lineages lack a little mutual understanding and learning.  Now the two Masters with Mahayana background are studying Tibetan Buddhism, which I think will bring everyone a more holistic view of Buddhism and result in more harmonious joy. This I believe is very important.

And as you all know, this is my first time in Canada. Usually when I visited a country for the first time, many centers here and there would invite me to go.  So being here the first time, I am a bit scared because I have been to some countries where due to inexperience, I accepted many invitations.  In the end, I was exhausted and my body could not take it any longer.

Since then, every time when I was in a new country, I would be slightly scared and not dared to keep my schedule too tight.  Although I could not visit many centers, I would try my best. Yet I know people have many expectations.  So we are trying to visit as many centers and temples as possible. 

This center we are in today seems somewhat different from other Tibetan Buddhist centers. It integrates Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism, so the center is slightly different from others meaning-wise.  It is my hope that under the guidance of the two Masters, everyone can do better.  Foremost of all, the best we can do is to bring the joy from integrated Buddhism into the heart of every Buddhist.  This is very important. We will be able to receive more transmitted Buddhadharma, more dharma nourishment. Doing so, our Bodhicitta will grow. Give rise to Bodhicitta! You might be able to tap into the wisdom within faster and be closer to perfectness.  

Thank you for giving us the chance. Thank you for such a sincere welcome. Thank you so much.

  • Date April 5, 2021
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