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Prayers Led by H.H. Karmapa

Prayers for the Pandemic to Subside Led by H.H. Karmapa

Led by His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the Schedule for Chanting Together Practices to Overcome the Coronavirus

Prayer for a Time of Pandemic

This book contains a selection of prayers compiled by the Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje at this time when the coronavirus pandemic has created great misfortune throughout the entire world. These prayers to avert adversity and serve the needs of the living and deceased are to be recited during a worldwide service where male and female dharma practitioners led by the Gyalwang Karmapa pray for the epidemic to subside and for everyone living or deceased to find happiness.


Prayers for a Time of Pandemic PDF



Daily at 10 am EST

April 18: The Heart Sutra with the Repulsion of Maras 

April 19: The Noble Aspiration for Excellent Conduct & the Sutra in Three Sections 

April 20: Sutras of the Dharani of Akshobhya 

April 21: Praises of the Twenty-One Taras with the Benefits 

April 22: Supplications to Guru Rinpoche 

April 23: A Prayer for Rebirth in the Pure Realm of Sukhavati 

April 24: Selected Dharani Mantras, the Prayer That Saved Sakya from Illness, and Appeasing the Discord of the Mamos